How A Public Relations Manager Can Help With Online Reputation Management

If you've been placed in the public eye due to your job or something you did, you'll quickly find out how many trolls there are, just waiting to pounce on any stories or sites that are associated with you. And if you were involved in anything even remotely embarrassing, that incident can suddenly amplify across platforms. Trying to handle it yourself isn't advisable -- you need a public relations manager

Ethical Changes

Online reputation management can be tricky. It's very easy to take the slightly unethical route, sockpuppeting forums and writing fake reviews. The more ethical routes of following legal procedures to remove content (for example, with the "right to be forgotten" in the European Union), curating web information so that search engine results return positive stories, and waiting for attention to die down may take longer, but they are less likely to set off scandals of their own.

A public relations manager can help manage the online reputation effort. If you try to do it yourself, it could quickly become overwhelming, and you may miss items that could harm your reputation for months or years from now. It's always better to have an extra pair of eyes looking at the situation as the manager may catch things that you don't think are vital.


While the managers themselves might not monitor the internet for mentions of your name, the staff at the office can, and alerts can be set up in your name so that the office staff can see what has popped up. This helps to stop any rumors or other negative items from taking hold and gives the manager a chance to consult legal staff about possible action.

Online Presence

Chances are you have your own social media accounts and possibly a website. Normally, running these yourself is fine, but if you're expanding a business or turning the website itself into a business, you may need help managing various aspects. A public relations manager could help with reader engagement, for example, or with negotiating with companies that want to work with you.

Some managers specialize in one aspect of online management or another, so you'll need to have an interview or consultation with the managers you are interested in working with. Outline what you've had issues with and see how that manager's skills dovetail with your situation. Online reputation is becoming a bigger factor in everyone's lives, and it pays to have the best reputation possible.